Media coverage of Qassem Soleimani, Chief of the IRGC’s Special Forces, continues at a high level. He is featured in the role of defender of the Iranian nation and protector of the region’s Shi’a Muslims.

Recent photos and films picture him on the front line in Iraqi Kurdistan with Shi’a militia fighting against the Islamic State. His presence in northern Iraq has also been generously covered on Iraqi Kurdish television, ever since the successful Peshmerga (Kurd Militia) stand against the black-flagged zealots of the Islamic State in Fall, 2014.

Recently, Soleimani was shown meeting with a high-level Hamas delegation. He offered the organization shrewd political-military counsel about how to navigate the shoals of the Iranian-Saudi Arabia struggle for regional dominance. It was General Soleimani, not Ayatollah Khamenei, who suggested that Hamas avoid taking sides in the bloody competition between Tehran and Riyadh, so as not to risk discontinuation of generous support previously rendered them by Saudi Arabia .

Finally, the Qods Force Commander has rigorously defended the reputation of Hezbollah, particularly as it relates to its military presence in the Syrian Civil War in support of the Assad regime in Damascus. He reminded viewers that Hezbollah alone had succeeded where all Arab armies had failed in the past, delivering a blow to Israel by driving the IDF out of southern Lebanon.