We are in a Pearl Harbor moment with Iran. I think the Iranians may already possess a nuclear bomb. At least one report appears to suggest that they do, as they are constantly towing something around in Iran's northern desert.

Our policymakers have a more difficult time managing the Iran problem than we did the Soviets. There are several principal differences. The Soviets were rational. The Iranian ruling clique of mullahs and Iranian Revolution Guard Corps leaders are not.

With the Soviets, there were few true believers even in the Politburo. Some in Iran welcome the "Second Coming" of the Mahdi, the "End of Time Imam".

The Soviets were predictable. They were manageable. There is no assured deterrent to control the Iranians.

Sanctions have not appreciably hurt the ruling class. There have and will continue to endure sanctions and manage the concerns of their citizens as well. There are no limits to the brutality that the regime will not visit upon its own people.

Saudi Arabia and some other regional leaders have resigned themselves to an Iran with a nuclear weapons capability.

Moreover, regional leaders now believe that the United States has decided to permit Iran to join the nuclear club.

Russian and North Korean Scientists have taught the Iranians how to develop a Soviet Space-Based Fractional Orbital Bombardment (FOBS) System. Such a nuclear-armed system can hover in space until activated like an Improvised Explosive Device in the ground. This system might not be detected in time by our radar, depending on the angle and direction for which it is programmed.

The United States also faces the real threat of an Iran engineered Cyber-Warfare and Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack against our critical infrastructure which would effectively shut down the nation as our facilities have yet to be hardened.