Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif is the most accomplished and shrewdest analyst of the United States in the Islamic Republic. Not only did he receive two college degrees from American Universities, his son and daughter were born here. While attending school, Zarif circulated widely in Los Angeles which has the largest Iranian-American communities in the USA. While he served as Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations, Zarif exploited his contacts in American academia as well as U.S. government and intelligence analysts of the regime. Through this networking, Zarif had himself introduced to several Iran policy makers and analysts. Although his legendary charm did not work on all, it did on some.

Zarif even got Democratic Party billionaire contributor George Soros to help. After all, it is in Soros' New York home in 2005 that the then Senator Kerry, on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee got to dine and drink with Zarif. Subsequently, Kerry's daughter Vanessa married a fellow Iranian-American physician, Behrooz Vala Nahid, a son of Iranian-born parents well known to the Zarif clan. One report indicates that Zarif's son, also living in the United States, was the best man at Kerry's daughter's wedding (although Tehran officials deny this). However, it is curious that there were no public pictures of the wedding party in Boston's mandarin social pages or in the city's hoi polloi newspapers. But there was plenty of talk in the mandarin-south Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C.

Kerry boasts of the pride he has in his Iranian son-in-law but protests too much how socially faux pas it is to raise the issue of a possible conflict of interest.

Anyway the JCPOA and prospects of better relations between the US and Iran has proven to be a dead letter. Sorry no joint Kerry/Zarif Nobel Peace Prize here.