The Koran is so imbued with anti-Jew hatred, it is nigh impossible for Islam to be recognizable to its adherents without its many anti-Semitic passages. Moreover, the Koran is professed to be the very words of Allah as relayed through the Angel, Jibril (Gabriel) to Muhammad. However, these condemnatory references to the Jewish race also serve another familiar purpose exhibited by other totalitarian ideologies. This is the need of ideology for a scapegoat to generate the negative passions of “true believers” to explain their wretched conditions. A scapegoat also serves the purpose of obscuring objectionable and fallacious precepts of any given ideology.

Allah wastes no time in his indirect dictation of his divine thoughts about Jews. The Koran’s first Sura (chapter), Fatihah or “The Opening” contains a prayerful plea invoking Allah’s assistance “to guide us on the straight path…the way of those upon whom you have bestowed your grace, (not the way) of those who have earned your anger.”  Guess who Allah is angry at? One of a handful of Hadith collectors, i.e. the sayings and deeds of Muhammad, al-Bukhari quotes the Prophet explaining to a close follower that Allah is referring to the Jews.  Of course, explanatory commentary in any Koran printed in Saudi Arabia would similarly support this interpretation. 

Well what sin of the Jews elicited the undying hatred of Allah for the Hebrews? Well these once “Chosen People” squandered the privilege by “failing in righteous deeds.”  Despite all of the favors bestowed by Allah upon the Jews, this people reneged on the true faith. They “maintained the letter of the revelatory doctrine, but emptied their faith of its spirit.”  

This tale of alleged betrayal has roots in actual history. In the first decade of Islam, some Arabian Jewish clans welcomed the new religion, some even embracing the Muslim faith. However, many of the new converts reverted back to their Jewish faith as the true predatory nature of the Prophet became self-evident by his aggressive actions against non-believers. When some Jewish allies deserted Muslim forces during the Battle of Uhud in 625, Muhammad vowed and took vengeance.  The retribution was both physical and theological. Within two years, Muhammad murdered every male who had reached puberty in the Jewish Qurayza tribe, selling the rest, including women and girls into slavery.  Later, Muhammad ordered changing the direction of Muslim prayer away from Jerusalem and toward Mecca.  Finally, upon his deathbed, it is reported that Allah came to him in a dream directing that the entire Arabian Peninsula be purified from the presence of the infidel, both Jew and Christian.

Moreover, the Koran is replete with stereotypical denunciations of the supposed craven nature of Jews in general. There are familiar references to the Jew as singularly money-minded, treasonous, vilely wedded to the sins of the flesh, deceitful and as ingrates. 

These hateful references are inveterately woven into the fabric of Islam. These racist beliefs are at the root of Muslim opposition to the existence of the state of Israel which puts the lie to the phrase that Islam is a religion of peace.