According to the Shari'a once Muslims conquer territory, it is theirs forever. All agreements with Muslims can only be temporary until the Muslim muster the power needed to take back all lands that used to be Muslim. Welcome to the reality of Islam, whether we want to see it or not.

So Spain , southeastern Europe, India, Xinjiang in China, large parts of Russia, and all of Israel  - all of which used to be part of the Muslim world - are and therefore must remain Islamic territory forever because all these lands had  been conquered by Muslims in the past. There can be NO COMPROMISE on this principle.  If the Muslims are too weak to reconquer lands they have lost, they wait patiently looking for ways to do so, and will use  any means they can to reconquer what they believe is rightfully theirs.


  • Spain was part of the Muslim world from 712 to 1492. I.e., Muslims lost Spain about 525 years ago. The internet is filled with discussions (mostly in Arabic) about how they are preparing for the reconquest of Spain for Islam.
  • Southeastern Europe - from the Balkans to Vienna - was once until Ottoman rule.  That is why Turkey's Erdogan talks about that area as "the Ottoman area," and dreams about returning it to the Muslim rule. And Erdogan wants to expand Muslim rule to eventually include all of Europe.
  • No Palestinian leader can sign a permanent peace agreement with Israel - not matter the size of Israel's borders. All of Israel was conquered by the Muslims in 637 AD and therefore belongs to the Muslim world.
  • India and Muslim Pakistan can never have a permanent peace. After all, all of India used to be part of the Muslim world, and must again be so in the future;
  • Large sections of Russia are Muslim have have been part of the Muslim world.  Putin understands that the Muslims want to eventually retake those areas;
  • Xinjiang - today's northwestern China and above 1/6 of China's territory - was conquered by Islam in the 1100s.  It is therefore, in the eyes of the local Uyghur Turkic Muslims, Muslim and, from their point of view, will again be under Muslim rule in the future.

Sadly, once we understand that Islam is about permanent conquest, we can understand why there cannot be permanent peace agreements between Muslims and non-Muslim.