site was once a Visigoth Christian Church of St. Vincent which was then turned into a mosque in 784 by

the Umayyad occupiers of Spain. But during the Reconquista in the year 1236, Catholic forces liberated

Cordova. But some Muslims in Spain are pressuring the Catholic Cardinal of Cordova to allow Muslim

Services in the Catholic cathedral. The cathedral was once a mosque during the Islamic world’s

occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, which Muslims still call Al Andalus. Following the liberation of Spain

and the expulsion of the Moorish occupiers from the Peninsula, the mosque again became a church. The

Catholic Church led by the Canon of the Cathedral Jose Jimenez has so far resisted the pressure. Sunni

organizations and anti-Catholic leftists in Spain want to expropriate the Cathedral and declare it a

national asset in the form of a museum and tourist site. In an example of soft Jihad, political Muslims

After 9/11 Muslims in the United States wanted to build a mosque near the former site of the Twin

Towers. The Muslim organizers of the project wanted to name it Cordova Mosque.