The Gathering Sandstorm is a not so subtle attempt to invoke the the Churchillian spirit of warning to free peoples of the existential threat to civilization posed by Islamic ideology. Although the most vile element of this threat is driven by intolerant Sunni Arab Islamists, (hence the "sand" , there are several other dimensions of Islam's illiberal, and deceptive profile which require free men and free women everywhere to resist this totalitarian system. This blog will direct the reader's attention to all aspects of the threat. Prominent among these aspects is the Iranian Shia fascist state. The blog will also discuss various elements within the world of Islamic terrorism. 

The Gathering Storm Blog will consist of three sections. There will be conventional articles. A second section will highlight key dates and events in the clash of civilizations over the past 15 centuries. A third section of the blog, the "In Memorium" portion will serve as dedication to those warriors, martyrs, and innocent victims that have sacrificed their lives rather than submit to Islamic aggression.

The newsletter, while not ideological, will neither be sparing in criticism of Islam nor turn a blind eye to its accomplishments. It will report accurately on human rights issues as well as terrorist-supported activities.

The blog will seek to educate readers so that they may be better able to defend the civilization that they have inherited from those who have paid the ultimate price of its preservation.