The Koran is so imbued with anti-Jew hatred, it is nigh impossible for Islam to be recognizable to its adherents without its many anti-Semitic passages. Moreover, the Koran is professed to be the very words of Allah as relayed through the Angel, Jibril (Gabriel) to Muhammad. However, these condemnatory references to the Jewish race also serve another familiar purpose exhibited by other totalitarian ideologies. This is the need of ideology for a scapegoat to generate the negative passions of “true believers” to explain their wretched conditions. A scapegoat also serves the purpose of obscuring objectionable and fallacious precepts of any given ideology.

Decades of predictions forecasting the imminent demise of “qadiyyah mustana,” the artificial entity called Jordan, all proved incorrect. Against all odds, both the Jordanian state and its Hashemite monarchial dynasty have not only survived but thrived. However, a perfect storm of domestic and foreign developments now are coalescing to make Abdullah, the last king of Jordan.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council admitted today that Tehran is permitting Russian military aircraft to stage operations against Syrian rebels from an Iranian airbase.  Satellite photography previously confirmed Russian military aircraft on the tarmac of Iran’s Shahid Nojeh Airfield in 2015. 

However, this is the first time that Tehran is publically confirming that it is allowing advanced Russian long range bombers to use its main air base in Hamadan Province.

Last month, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) published a 100-page booklet that attacks many institutions for educating citizens about radical Islam. CAIR’s product is entitled “A National Strategy to Confront Islamophobia.”  The publication cannot be dismissed as mere propaganda or ideological screed. The booklet is meant to be a game changer in the public debate between liberal democracy’s principle of freedom of speech and the increasingly popular politically correct self-censorship in the United States.

    If liberty to discuss Islamic values, beliefs, and scriptures is abridged out of fear of prosecution for hate speech, then CAIR will have accomplished the objective of this publication. The pamphlet identifies examples of alleged Islamophobia in several sectors of American society while suggesting tactics to force a change in behavior.

The Islamic State may soon declare a new province (wilayat) in its virtual caliphate.  The future affiliate is likely to be in the southern region of the Philippines on the island of Mindanao. The Muslims or Moros of this region, for centuries, have battled to remain independent of Spain, the United States, and the Philippines. Negotiations between Manila and the largest Muslim resistance group in Mindanao, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) collapsed just when it appeared that the antagonists were reaching a compromise, which would award the Muslims of Mindanao autonomy status.  Unfortunately, more militant Muslim factions opposed to a negotiated settlement, staged a major offensive which torpedoed the peace talks.