On 11 September 1683, Poland’s King John

Sobieski arrived in the hills above Vienna to lift the two month siege of the Hapsburg Capital. He lit up

the sky with shot to shed light on a giant red cross flag to raise the morale of the exhausted defenders.

The next afternoon Sobieski led a charge of troops from a coalition of Catholic countries which drove the

Caliph’s best soldiers, the Janissaries from the field of fight, ending the siege. In gratitude for saving

Christian Europe, Popes have honored the Polish Monarch by naming a room in the Vatican Museum,

the Sobieski Room. In that room is a floor to ceiling painting displaying his victorious charge against the

Ottoman forces who had just penetrated Vienna’s defenses.


site was once a Visigoth Christian Church of St. Vincent which was then turned into a mosque in 784 by

the Umayyad occupiers of Spain. But during the Reconquista in the year 1236, Catholic forces liberated

Cordova. But some Muslims in Spain are pressuring the Catholic Cardinal of Cordova to allow Muslim

Services in the Catholic cathedral. The cathedral was once a mosque during the Islamic world’s

occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, which Muslims still call Al Andalus. Following the liberation of Spain

and the expulsion of the Moorish occupiers from the Peninsula, the mosque again became a church. The

Catholic Church led by the Canon of the Cathedral Jose Jimenez has so far resisted the pressure. Sunni

organizations and anti-Catholic leftists in Spain want to expropriate the Cathedral and declare it a

national asset in the form of a museum and tourist site. In an example of soft Jihad, political Muslims

After 9/11 Muslims in the United States wanted to build a mosque near the former site of the Twin

Towers. The Muslim organizers of the project wanted to name it Cordova Mosque.

East Rome, Christian Orthodox Byzantium’s last

outpost is conquered by the army of Islamic Caliph Mehmed II after a six week long siege. The last

Byzantine Christian Emperor Constantine XI Paleologus falls in battle sword in hand choosing to fight

rather than escaping. Mobs of Muslim soldiers batter down the doors of Eastern Christianity’s holiest

church, Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom). They murder the priest celebrating Mass on the altar. (just as

Muslims slew 85 year old Father Jacques Hamel on 26 July 2015 in the town of St. Etienne du Rouvray ,

near Rouen in northwest France). They proceeded kill the males, rape nuns, sexually abuse boys and

girls in the Hagia Sophia congregation, kidnapping others for to be used as slaves.

  • "They are driving us out of the Middle East," declared Pope Francis on returning from Turkey.
  • "[I]t would be beautiful if all Islamic leaders, whether they are political, religious or academic leaders, would speak out clearly and condemn this because this would help the majority of Muslim people." — Pope Francis, counseling Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
  • While this welcoming stance is in keeping with the fundamental beliefs of the Catholic faith, the Pope as the "Good Shepherd" has an obligation to protect his flock from the militants among the refugees.
  • Within the Catholic Church, there also exists a sub-dominant counter-melody that warns about Islamic hostility to the values of Judeo-Christian civilization.
  • Cardinal Sarah targets what he refers to as "Islam's pseudo-family values which legitimize polygamy, female subservience, sexual slavery, and child marriage."
  • At some point, the Catholic Church might raise the issue of persecution of Christian minorities in Muslim-majority countries at international fora such as the United Nations. The Church also could publicly ask Muslims of good will to express their solidarity with the persecuted and request international organizations to intervene to protect Christians.
  • Given the centuries of hostility between Christendom and dar-al-Islam (the World of Islam), the Vatican's caution may be understandable, but is ill-advised and no longer tenable.

Perhaps, in the light of the harm dhimmitude can do to both civic life and faith, the Catholic Church might re-assess its stance toward Islam from one of friendly engagement to cautionary disengagement. As radical jihadists continue to martyr Christians throughout the world, such a re-evaluation of Islam by the Vatican seems appropriate.

According to the Shari'a once Muslims conquer territory, it is theirs forever. All agreements with Muslims can only be temporary until the Muslim muster the power needed to take back all lands that used to be Muslim. Welcome to the reality of Islam, whether we want to see it or not.